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Our Services

Interactive Power  Partnership

You are the expert in your field.

We offer to help you to bridge power  and digitization.

We have the tools to connect power products and the Digital World.

To further accelerate, we can offer access to our in-house, interactive technology.


As a starting point, we even have a unique Uninterruptible Power Supply product line - a strong beginning for new developments.

We can support you in technology transfer, go-to-market, and product developments.

New Product Development

We offer to develop new products, product variants etc.

We can contribute in all phases from innovation, product strategy and project definition - to prototyping, final verification and deployment.

We cover the full range starting from just granting a license to our in-house technology - up to taking the whole project on our shoulders.

Your Partner in Innovation

We have a life-long experience in innovation and in driving technology into business. We have a large network in the field of emerging energy solutions.


We offer to become your tech-partner - your wingman - in innovation and product development.

Research Projects

Research projects are important in order to lear about new technology, to fertilise the ground for new competencies and to make the right road map choices.

We can assist you in creating the right projects with the right partners, and we can participate in the implementation of the projects.

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