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Uninterrutiple Power Supply industry

For competent players already in the UPS market that want to become a leading, innovative UPS supplier.


Based on traditional products, this may seem increasingly challenging.

However, we offer a unique technology, a market-ready professional product line and a partnership to make it a succes.


Our patented technology is a unique solution that makes power infrastructure member of the virtual environment. Same management system for server virtualization, datacentre cubes, cooling - and now power.

A paradigm shift in datacenter operation and economics. We offer our technology and our assistence to give birth to the concept within your offerings - hardware solutions as well as breaking new services.

Electrical Vehicle charge stations

For companies and organisations in this feld, we offer a powerful, patent-protected innovative technology that can eliminate grid peak load problems, optimise resource utilisation and even serve as the basis for revenue generation from future grid services.

Wind Power

We offer a patented, unique emergency power solution especially for off-shore wind power turbines. This allows for very fast fault handling and other on-shore interaction. We make the IPR availabe to you and assist you in making it a succes.

Smart Ships

Unmanned ships require on-board automated control supported by on-shore possibilities of interaction. We offer acces to an interactive power infrastructure technology, and we can assict you in making it a success.

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