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In LeanEco A/S we created the World's first and only interactive power plaform technology (WW patent).

We also made progress in our role as an industrial player in the UPS market.


During this crusade, we observed a unique potential in employing the LivingPower technology as a platform for new software services and contents-based business.


Furthermore, we identified a number of promising opportunities in other application areas than UPS.

We decided to go for this with the rights partners.


Therefore, we created a new company: A knowledge-based company offering

  • The LivingPower technology

  • Software solutions and services

  • Development of products and services

  • Support.


We offer this to our partners, who manufacture and market their own products.

We began with the existing, field proven UPS products - PowerMind.

We have today acquired all rights to the unique LivingPower technology including patents and trademarks.

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