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Interactive Power  Partnerships

New business models emerge based on services and contents.

This transition may be challenging. New focus areas emerge like Digitization, Cloud solutions, enterprise software and services etc.

Such new Digization efforts usually get very high priority. However, present product lines do often not support the emerging services (except for a one-way streaming of large amounts of data). This makes it a challenge to create new services that offer genuine value to the end users.

The result is that costly time is lost.

We offer our support to accelerate this transition.

We do have several tools in our toolbox - like:

  • Licensing our own, interactive technology - a strong platform for new products "augmented with digital capabilities".

  • Exploiting our field proven a Uninterruptible Power Supply product line - the World's first interactive power product.

(The UPS product line is a modular, 10-70 kW, 400 VAC UPS).

Based on license agreements, we transfer the technology to you.

Technology transfer may also include product transfer: the full documentation, bill-of-materials, embedded software etc. - all that is required in order for you to kickstart a product development or to get a new product ready in a very short timeframe.

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