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New Product Development

We can develop products and technologies for you - based on our in-house IPR as well as other technologies.


We cover the full range

  • From granting a license to our unique technology that allows you to develop, manufacture and market products

  • To take on the full development project.

Examples of what such projects may cover are

  • Enhance the product range of an existing product lines (e.g. a larger or smaller UPS)

  • Adaptation of products to new applications (like off-shore)

  • Establishment of new products

  • Implementation of cost reductions and product improvements

  • Custom variants (design, color, brand, control screens, logo, etc.)

  • Integration with customer management systems (control, user interface, etc.)

  • Development of new sevices

  • Implementation of (formal) tests according to user demand

  • Etc.

We organise the work in teams of in-house people in combination with our external partners that we have worked with for more than ten years.

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