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The Team

Klaus Moth, Founder and CEO

The Founder is an internationally experienced leader with more than 25 years in experience in general management, innovation, R&D and driving new technology into business. This includes 17 years at top management level in global leaders like Alcatel Space and American Power Corporation.


The Founder's experience constitutes more than 10 years in aerospace power and more than 17 years in advanced power solutions like uninterruptible power supplies, fuel cells, and power virtualisation.

Klaus Moth is the inventor of the LivingPower technology.

Klaus Moth is also the founder and CEO of Centre for Electrical Energy Systems (CEES), a research center comprising a strong collaboration among 3 technical universities and 7 industrial players for more than two decades.

Inhouse team

Our inhouse team has a broad experience from development, test and manufacturing in the uninterruptible power supplies, PV systems, switch mode power and firmware.

Our partners

We have worked together with the same partners for many years.

Key disciplines are

  • Software/firmware development

  • IT solutions

  • Power converter development

  • Mechanical design

  • Tests

  • Prototyping.

Moreover, we work together with the three World-class universities

  • The Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

  • The University of southern Denmark (SDU)

  • Aalborg University (AAU).

LivingPower is supported by the Danish Energy Agency through the EUDP programme.

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