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New applications of the LivingPower technology

The LivingPower technology offers groundbreaking unique capabilities for a variety of applications like

  • Datacenters

  • Electrical Vehicle charging stations

  • Critical power infrastructure in Wind Power turbines

  • SmartBuildings

  • Critical power infrastructure in Smart Ships


LivingPower makes power member of the virtual environment:

  • Simple management by means of the datacentre management software - including

    • SW processes

    • Server HW etc.

    • Cooling solutions

    • Power solutions

  • The system is "service-minded" - a platform for clever, unique services like

    • Energy savings

    • Continous aligment of cooling, SW processes, servers and power

    • Migration projects - "keystrokes in stead of projects"

    • Resource optimization  - like

      • Substantially less power converters

      • Minimized idling losses

  • Interactive approach - a playground for innovative new services and features

  • World class availability

    • Fault handling - and even fault prevention

    • Self healing - zero-time-to-service

    • Dynamically scalable, shared redundancy

  • Genuinely scalable

    • Number of power converters by choice

    • Number of inlets and outlets by choice

    • Easy to add more converters

    • Easy to add more inlets or outlets.

EV Charging stations

Charge stations for Electrical Vehicles will suffer from some emerging pains in the years to come:

  • Grid peak capacity is limited and far from capable to supply the charging of the many cars at the same time

    • Increasing challenge from 3-5x faster charging time AND

    • 2-3x larger batteries per vehicle

    • Growth in number of vehicles

  • Flexibility is required to be able to adopt to new energy production schemes (like PV, wind power etc.).

LivingPower technology is an optimal way of organising a future-proof solution offering

  • On-site energy storage (batteries) to cope with excessive peak power demands

  • Simple and scalable adoption of new energy production technologies

  • Cost-effective resource allocation for servicing the queue of arriving EV's (minimising charge time accoring to priorities)

  • Supports simple implementation of revenue generating services like e.g. SmartGrid services (ancillary services)

  • Scalable - same EV charge solution everywhere.

Wind Power Turbines

Wind Power turbines have different demands in terms of uninterruptible power supplies depending on which state the turbine is in. LivingPower can re-configure the power infrastructure according to these needs and according to pre-set priorities.


Also, the unit can be supplied form a variety of power sources - including slow "idling" wind power rotors in order to establish an autonomous wind turbine that stays "alive" forever.

Furthermore, it is possible to configure the system remotely (on-shore) e.g. in order to respond to situations or faults.


The benefits are cost effective solutions that are in a class of its own in  terms of high uptime and zero-time-to-service for certain types of faults.


SmartHouse applications

Future residential houses or office buildings will see new challenges with respect to eletrical energy solutions like

  • High peak power demands for e.g. EV battery charging

  • On-site energy production

  • Demand for flexibility in order to optimise energy costs (like peak shaving, intelligent scheduling etc.)

  • The opportunity of generating revenue through e.g. SmartGrid services.

The LivingPower technology offers propriety solutions for cost effective solutions that can meet such emands.

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