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Electricity supply is undergoing a revolution. From supplying 20% of the World's energy comsumption today, it is expected to grow to 40-70% in say 5-10 years.


The consequences are radical:

  • Complex, de-centralised energy production

  • Uptime must be secured locally

  • Flexibility becomes essential

  • Important peak power constraints

  • Power must integrate with intelligent control.


New business models emerge, based on services and contents offering :

  • Convenience

  • Security

  • Availability

  • Independence

  • Economically viable solutions

  • Environmentally sustainable solutions

- far beyond physical products and "price per kWh".

The LivingPower company

To engineers, scientists and innovators who seek development and who wish to change the World into a better place:


In everything we do, we strive for a Better World – a life beyond survival.


We empower the transition into clean electrical energy.


We do that by means of POWER VIRTUALIZATION that offers unprecedented cost savings, digital capabilities, and that supports an active role in the Digital Grid.



We offer knowhow and propriety technology to our partners within areas like EV charging, shore-to-ship power, hybrid energy systems, smart buildings, datacenters, and wind power.

About Us

Our Values

Our values describe the way we think, work and behave.

These values guides us when building our organisation and when seeking our favorite partners.

Vision and Mission

This is a  crusade.

We have ambitions, and we do it all for a reason.


We would like to invite you to join.

The Team

Our team is both outstandingly competent and dynamic at the same time.


Our crusade is based on a start-up company with a brilliant technology.

Our strategy targets speed and focus.

About Us
           PEES Ingenieurbüro für Energieanlagen GmbH

“PEES GmbH has been operating for more than 28 years under the motto Specialists-deliver-more in the field of secure power supply. We see LivingPower's technology as a pioneering solution in the field of uninterruptible power supply. As a partner of the LivingPower A/S, we are proud to accompany this new technology on its way to the UPS Market”

Dieter Eisermann
Co-Founder and Co-Owner

Ready to find out more?

Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to see what we can do for you.

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